After spending the majority of my twenties working in video production, I discovered that writing was my true love. I dropped everything, went back to school, and in October of 2013, I graduated from Full Sail University. There, I received a Creative Writing Masters MFA with a focus on comic scripting. I was dubbed Valedictorian and received the Advanced Achievement Award (the highest accolade the school offers—only one student per graduating class receives it). That counts for something, right?


(Recognition makes all of the college debt more bearable...)

Okay, so awards are just bullet points on a resume. This is where my portfolio comes in. If you click on "Comics" and then check out the “writer” tab up above, you’ll find a bunch of FREE stories you can read. I like to consider myself a versatile writer, so my stories span various genres and range from PG to R.

Be it as a writer, editor, or letterer, I just want to be involved. Collaboration and creation are what I live for.

If you're looking to connect, feel free to send me an email at chasexclamationpoint[at]gmail[dot]com. I'm always looking for new projects and collaborators!